Shawnee Baptist Church


Miracle Outdoors_ Miracle Outdoors is a youth ministry developed by Shawnee Baptist Church which teaches children and youth about our amazing God through the wonders of nature. Miracle Outdoors takes place every Sunday night at 6, and in warm weather, field trips, camping trips, etc., are part of the learning experience.

Men's Fellowship_ Our Men's Fellowship is comprised of the men of Shawnee Baptist Church and meets on the first Saturday of each month for breakfast, and teaching. The Men's Fellowship has been instrumental in helping our neighbors in times of need, gathering, and delivering food to those in need, as well as making monetary donations.

Food Pantry_ Our Food Pantry exists to help those who are in need with basic food items. God has blessed us and we have delivered many boxes of food for families who have been in need.

Thanksgiving Miracle_ Thanksgiving Miracle is a program spearheaded by the Men's Fellowship which provides complete Thanksgiving meals to families in the area who otherwise would not have a Thanksgiving meal. These meals are delivered by our Sunday school children, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Ladies Auxiliary_ Our Ladies' Auxiliary meets once per month for the purpose of prayer, and meeting the needs of shut ins and others. These ladies have quilted blankets, cooked and delivered meals, and made Christmas decorations for the church.