Shawnee Baptist Church

Our History

Shawnee Baptist Church in Kegley, West Virginia, was originated from Matoaka Baptist Church, that was organized in 1926, but due to flood waters over a period of time, we stepped out in faith to purchase land and build a new facility.

In 2002, we purchased the land, and we started clearing off land and preparing to build the facility.  The members of the congregation spent many long, hard hours to get this work accomplished.  We were very fortunate in securing the aid of many volunteers to help with the construction of the church and thus in August 2003, we completed the facility and held our first worship service on August 17th.

The church has seen a growth in number of members, as well as visitors, and for this, we are grateful.

Fortunately, a member of the congregation gave us an additional two acres of land for further expansion of the church and parking area.

 We thank God everyday for the many, many blessings that he has given to each of us.